Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Night Shift TONIGHT.... They worked it... now YOU watch it!

It’s Tuesday and time for my reminding push.. ok maybe it’s a shove… no, really let’s call it what it REALLY is.. a lovingly enticing… DEMAND that you watch The Night Shift tonight on NBC 10/9c.

Why…besides because I said so? Ok… the details, the reasons… and some more not so subliminal demands…as to why...

The Night Shift brings so much to the table it’s hard to know what aspect to choose and label as your favorite part. While it is not here to teach us medicine, nor to be a docu-series on the military, we do get accurate glimpses and a realistic ‘feel’ of what it may be like to walk in such shoes. Watching The Night Shift we laugh just enough, tear up just enough, get aggravated with some characters in one moment, and want to give them a comforting hug the next. The pranks, the passion, the traumas (both past and present), the urgency, the intensity, the patients, the pain, and the laughter…. this multifaceted show glistens at every turn. 

Many Night Shift viewers followed a favorite actor/actress here from another show or movie – whether it was one of the handsome and intensely almost insanely talented actors - Eoin Macken, Brendan Fehr, Freddy Rodriguez, Ken Leung….or one of the stunning and powerfully gifted actresses Jill Flint, or Daniella Alonso….. or whether in a commercial or ad you were staggered by JR Lemon’s smile, or the mischievously exquisite gleam in Jeanne Goossen’s eye, or just couldn’t stop grinning at the adorable innocence of Robert Bailey Jr… No matter WHO you followed to The Night Shift, just about every fan has said that they immediately fell in love with the ENTIRE cast. There is a warmth, a camaraderie onscreen and off (as seen in many pre-show cast interviews)… this group of people are a package deal – you just adore them all. There is this instant bond with them and they become the folks you want to hang out with, have over for a summer evening BBQ ….or enjoy some drinks with while watching a favorite TV show… and THAT is something that we DO get to do with this cast. Each week there have been several Night Shift cast members live tweeting during both the East and West Coast airings. They chat with fans, they banter with each other. Their appreciation for their fans, and how generous they are with us all is a rare and beautiful thing. I have to admit though that for me – and I know many others – when you see them tweet back and forth with each other, you see their true love for each other – and THAT makes us adore them even more. This is not just a cast, not just a bunch of copacetic coworkers and colleagues. These folks are friends and family to each other… and in many ways to many viewers as well. Trust me you will find yourself loving the supporting cast as well… the nurses, the MRI/lab tech….
This cast deserves to continue playing and creating together… and honestly, we as an audience seeking quality TV to enjoy, deserve that as well. They have MORE than amazingly done their part… now it’s our turn.

YES the show has done VERY well for its first 3 weeks, but this week needs to match or top that for us to get the rest of this season as well as have our new favorite show renewed for a second season.

My regular readers and social media followers know that have been pushing (um, I mean highly recommending) The Night Shift since well before it aired. I impatiently (OK, Yes Eoin, I indeed (maybe) should have waited till it officially aired) blogged my review of the pilot preview episode to pre-entice folks to watch. While the preview version had some major differences….some characters, the tenor of some of the same (in both versions) remaining characters, and scenes…. I actually loved them BOTH – just different… kind of like fraternal twins. For me it was fascinating to see the same scene done just as marvelously in two different vibes, and to see how the same characters could be forged and introduced in differing ways. It gave me even more respect and appreciation for the talents of the actors, writers, producers… the whole lot.

If you haven’t watched The Night Shift yet.. NOW IS THE TIME… you can jump right in tonight and enjoy… or either as prep beforehand or even after tonight’s episode, to catch up on a show you will have now discovered and loved, you can watch episodes 1, 2, and 3 FREE (in the States) on NBC or Hulu (links below).

If you have watched I know you loved it… I know there are several (in the double digits but let’s take that number higher!) folks on Facebook and beyond who watch The Night Shift because I insisted (again that IS a typo and I do indeed mean heavily – maybe Soprano heavy style - encourged) that they do and now they are (of their own volition) fans!
I guess I do post a lot about the show – possibly more than about my own work which may not be too prudent but… folks who know me, know that truly (all joking aside) I do not even mildly suggest let alone full on recommend and support anything, anyone, on or off screen, unless I truly a) think it is quality and b) believe in it. Well clearly The Night Shift has my vote/viewer support… to the point that a few folks asked me if I post so much (on FB more than Twitter honestly as I am clearly challenged by expression in a mere 140 characters!) because I work on the show – I laugh and say I wish and then instantly get serious and reply “BUT… I HAVE worked at jobs and on projects (in and out of this industry) that I have invested my heart and soul in, where I adore my colleagues and want to keep working with them.”….. and THAT is what I see here with this amazing cast and crew.

Ok.. I have rambled… no coffee yet today… and I should have just shared the succinct and yet eloquent post shared by Brendan Fehr (Drew) yesterday...

From Brendan’s official message board posted by Brendan
"Well tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th at 10 pm on NBC, is the 4th episode of the television show you may have heard me talk about, The Night Shift. The first 3 have done really really well for us and I wanted to thank you for watching and TELLING YOUR FRIENDS (you did that right?). Well June 30th is the deadline for NBC to pick us up, which gives us 2 more aired episodes, including tomorrows, before we hear about our renewal. I’m asking for a big rally, even to the point of uncomfortably telling complete strangers to watch this show so we can make this decision a complete no-brainer for NBC. I don’t even care if you don’t like this show, you should consider "perjuring" yourself then, by telling everyone "it’s the awesomest show ever made, no word of a lie" for a tried and true friend like myself (realistically a true friend would never ask you to perjure yourself but then again, a tried and true friend would support their friend’s show so…) Tomorrow’s is a really cool episode for me and one I’m excited for so thank you for reading this plea/rant/diatribe/any other accurately descriptive word(s). May you find yourself on your couch tomorrow night, watching this show, receiving texts/calls from all those friends and strangers you told to watch, thanking you for telling them about it."

Just watch… no need to thank me… it’s a gift that we must do our part to insure it keeps on giving….and yes I am still bribing folks with home baked cookies…..

WATCH... GET OTHERS TO WATCH... Tonight... TUESDAY, on NBC 10/9c