Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Signs... To Consider....

Tis the season… for Emmy nominations that is, so here in LA and in portions of NYC as well, billboards pop up for various shows with the emblazoned request ‘For Your Consideration’. In cities where many of the commuters are indeed considering who they nominate for an Emmy and then who they vote for from the ballot… advertising for consideration is key.

Several weeks back I was thrilled when a promotional Night Shift billboard popped up, visible from the freeway that I frequent numerous times each day, and not so ironically across the way from NBC Comcast offices in Burbank. It made me smile every time I passed it. Imagine how irritated I was just a few weeks ago when it was replaced by a billboard of another show asking ‘for your consideration’. Fine! I get it. Shows that aired this past year need to promote to get nominations, but damn it, I wanted the Night Shift billboard enticing everyone stuck in traffic to watch! I will neither confirm nor deny if I wrinkled my nose at that ‘other’ sign each time I passed… only mentally of course. I consoled myself with my true belief that The Night Shift is of such fine caliber that next year in this award season, LA would be covered with ‘consideration’ signs for The Night Shift…as well as its regular promo billboards.

This morning, driving as always, I was mulling over ratings, how to get more folks to watch The Night Shift tonight, and how apparently I need to have more people in my life so I can have greater viewing influence….when my daughter pointed out that ‘It’s back!’.  Sure enough there it was…. Those faces that Night Shift fans have come to know and love, were once again gracing the side of the freeway….and YES NBC look out your window and ‘consider’ what a treasure you have in this show… SO many talented stars it is practically its own constellation.

It’s Tuesday, so here I am again asking any of my readers who have not yet been wise or hip enough to watch The Night Shift to do so TONIGHT. Let’s ADD to the stellar ratings this great show has maintained for 4 weeks thus far. Tonight is a special treat, as Eriq LaSalle of ER (and sooooooooooo much more) fame, directed tonight’s episode. 

Truly (and again let me remind you of my insanely high standards in such things) the concept, writing, direction, production, acting…. of this show is top tier. Characters you adore, events that make you laugh and just as many that make you exclaim ‘OMG’ in anticipatory shock as insane experiences unfold for these medical folks … in both their personal and professional lives. The action is intense in and around their city, in their own parking lot, in the ER itself, and heck even in the supply closet!

I take the re-emergence of the Night Shift billboard as a sign…. a great sign… of many SEASONS to come!
There is nothing to ‘consider’ here.. it’s a no brainer.. WATCH The Night Shift….then recommend to a friend… then rewatch… make new friends… and recommend it again!  NBC  10/9c!

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