Tuesday, May 20, 2014

50 Shades of Grey's Anatomy... and Why You MUST Watch 'The Night Shift'

Right from the get go let me clarify that I have never and will never read the 50 Shades books… I have nothing against explicit writing, erotica is dandy… but I am against a ‘book’ that is the extrapolation of a fanfic of an author’s original work as that series is. I mean hell…. Jason Derulo’s song ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ has more lyrical integrity than these books. THE POINT BEING… I am – for better or worse – a purist by nature.

Honestly I used this as a blog title because it ran together all amusing-like with the Grey’s show title which is part of where my blog focus truly is… and was a sterling example of how I am a purist… and why when you select your TV viewing, you should be as well.

Who am I to tell you what or how to watch? You’re right… had I taken the gig at Variety a lifetime ago, I would have been – with my same opinions – an authority to consider. I was – as  I still am – a purist and knew not to take a gig I would throw myself into heart and soul when my heart and soul needed to be fully devoted to my primary gig as a mom.  (Yes indeed kids, Mommy loves you even more than TV & film and you KNOW how much that is!).

STILL…. I have a good sense about shows, actors, producers… have nary been wrong yet as to what is of quality, what has legs to run for multiple seasons etc etc… so …take note.

While comparison marketing has its rewards, I always want to purchase – or in this case – watch – based on a show or actor’s OWN merit.

Bottom line… NBC’s new summertime drama, The Night Shift is amazing at just about every level of its inception, creation, production, and delivery.  

ANY means that gets folks watching it starting a week from tonight on Tuesday, May 27, on NBC at 10pm... truly ANYTHING that gets them watching – and getting hooked as I know they will – is a wondrous thing.

SO while lovers of one medical drama (Grey’s or even missing ER) may now love another one over the summer, and while headlines flash with comparisons between Grey’s ‘Dr McDreamy’ and The Night Shift’s magnificent maverick trauma doctor – TC Callahan (played by Eoin Macken)….and these comparative maneuvers may get people watching… I WISH… I SO deeply wish… folks would not go in to The Night Shift with comparisons (they rarely end well), or expectations, and instead just with peaked interest.

Frames of reference such as the ones the actors themselves have been citing in interviews are different…. Comparing the much loved ‘comedy’ MASH (a humorous medical show based in the Vietnam War) to how the Veteran docs of The Night Shift handle trauma and medical care is a fabulous parallel. A parallel being made by the folks IN the show, and not just headline spinners. I suppose it is a comparison just like the ones I dislike so much and I must own the fact that I was never a fan of Grey’s or the characters therein, and have on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum, fallen truly madly deeply in TV affection with the cast – and premise – of The Night Shift. 

As I have mentioned in a prior blog, each character – even during the pilot episode which you will all see next week (I insist!) is so textured, so layered, so… real…and human… and therefore relatable. The stories are extreme, often insane… and very much true to ‘night shift’ stories in real life… especially in a trauma ward. The medical research and representation in this show is extraordinary (and remember we aren’t here to learn how to even do a butterfly stitch let alone open heart surgery!). The producers, consultants, crew…as you watch their interviews, watch them in behind the scenes footage, there’s a level of self investment in this show that is all too rare these days. The cast…Awesome. I could leave it at that and be accurate but I won’t. 

HERE is where folks should get background info… check out The NightShift on IMDB and ‘meet’ the cast. Check out other things they have each starred in… or written, directed, produced…. When you then see them in their Night Shift role, you will have a deeper appreciation of their acting ability and range having (hopefully) seen them in other roles. Many faces you will recognize and already adore from other past favorite shows, some may be newer to your TV screen but, WOW are they talented and amazing additions.

Below are links to interviews of the producers and the main cast members of The Night Shift, as well as the trailer, AND a link to my last blog about this awesome new show that has more description included… I urge you watch, read… and fall in love with this cast and show as I have.. let’s all spend the summer together… on The Night Shift!

Click the links below... yup EVERY ONE of them! (You can thank me later!)

Shifting Gears... my (first and descriptive) blog on The Night Shift


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