Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who REALLY Has the Power? A Quick Comment on Society, Marketing

With Valentine's Day just past, a certain 'reaction of society' that I always see and am mystified by, seems to be at an all time forefront!

People who LOVED Valentine's Day (no pun intended) complained how commercialism took meaning away from true love. They found themselves measuring their partner's devotion by the size of the gifts and hoopla presented to them for this special day.

People who were single - the lonely variety of single, I would imagine (as I am and this did NOT apply to me!) - complained they felt sad, and even WORSE about their lack of love status due to the onslaught of hearts, roses, and chocolates everywhere.

Time to face FACTS people!

EVERY DAY - no matter what date it is - good times or bad - we have a CHOICE....WE have the POWER to decide if we feel happy, sad, hopeful, or devastated. Holidays will occur, people will do and say things, events will transpire and it is STILL up to US and ONLY US to decide - to use our POWER OF CHOICE - as to how we REACT and experience life. 

It is a choice....if you CHOOSE to let commercialized marketing of ANY day - be it Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas even...if you let the uber-marketing-hype that is needed for REVENUE not emotion - if you CHOOSE to let that ruin your day - be you married, single or whatever then you are choosing to be sad or miserable.

See marketing as MARKETING...COMMERCE....not a measure of anyone's feelings for you.

EVERY DAY Vegetarians walk by ads for meat products on sale at food stores, and as sumptuous specials at restaurants. They live contently with their CHOICE - no matter what is thrown in their line of vision. I am sure some will say that is different because EVERYONE wants love and yet veggies do not want meat ...the point people- the REAL that you can ignore what is not of value to you. When you see Valentine's Day marketed everywhere - you can CHOOSE to love the idea of love even if you don't have it yet. You can CHOOSE to realize the baubles and candies are nice items but NOTHING truly measures your mate's love and devotion besides how you feel in their love. NOTHING - no diamond, no bouquet, NOTHING....

It's a choice....I chose to be happy, celebrate love, EVEN being a single mom and that can indeed be lonely and hard to manage alone...I CHOSE to celebrate love, my belief in it, my anticipation for it etc....

Allowing/CHOOSING to let V-day make you sad, insecure etc is the same as EVERY day saying I am fat and ugly because Kate Moss makes MILLIONS being a scrawny rail thin skeleton on magazine covers...MARKETING.

Fashion industry MARKETS - it is our CHOICE if it makes us feel fat or ugly. If a magazine image makes you feel that way - you ALREADY felt that way, you just ignored it till you had someone else to blame, making them 'responsible' for your misery instead of taking responsibility for yourself - your health, your self esteem etc.

Porn is an INDUSTRY that of COURSE over exaggerates and flaunts - it is our CHOICE if we let that make us insecure sexually....

Same with romance and love on V-day.

We can ALWAYS find an excuse to be in pain....or we can (with same or even LESS) effort find TRUE causes to be happy.

Choose. The CAUSE for our feelings is in OUR hands, not what is commercialized about on a given day.

Stop giving away your power. Stop using outside influences as excuses for not being happy, for not living, for not excelling, for not progressing.

I guarantee there were people who got 6 dozen long stem roses, multiple carats of diamonds, pounds of imported chocolates, an expensive dinner at a fine restaurant....and were still miserable because that is how they felt inside about themselves and/or about their relationship ANYWAY - regardless of what was given to them.

OWN YOUR LIFE. It's may as well claim it!


  1. True and inspiring. That is how exactly I see life, and our perspectives on different events.


  2. As always, right on the mark! Thank you for sharing and being a continuing inspiration!

  3. Very inspiring! I want to own my life too!